Nearly lost in the shuffle of big-budget, special-effects laden summer blockbusters which are pouring forth from the world of comic books these days is the quiet little success story of Marvel's direct-to-DVD animated featureUltimate Avengers. We here at Cinematical (and by "we," I really mean the geek boy here) are doing our best to remind the world of this pretty little gem and the impending sequel coming your way this August. In today's news, Ultimate Avengers has "officially" launched a website for the animated sequel, which you can dig here. It's got the usual collection of things -- an image gallery, some generic news, an older trailer, and some desktop downloads. A few of the wallpapers are actually pretty nice looking; I'd probably use the Captain America one if the title weren't so darn big.

Aside from the generally good quality of the first film, I think I'm such a strong proponent of them because animated Marvel cartoons played a big part in getting me hooked on the Marvelverse as a young child. The Marvel Power Hour and that fantastic X-Men cartoon were like gateway drugs for me into the sordid world of comic books. I am now chemically predisposed to desire any Marvel animation.