Right about now you're looking for a punchline that I simply do not have. Even so, I wouldn't want to offend any sharks who might be reading this. Just kidding -- we all know sharks can't get internet access underwater. Man, I'm just full of funny today. Anyway, talk about sequels that don't make any sense, it appears there's one out there for the independent film that reminded why I never decided to scuba dive. That's right folks, it's all about Open Water 2 baby!

Formerly known as Adrift, Moviehole reports via Fangoria that the film's title has since been changed to Open Water 2. Hmm, I wonder why? None of the actors from the first film are returning (for obvious reasons) and I can't imagine this story will pick up where the last one left off (once again, for obvious reasons). Wait -- maybe it's so they can market it better. That's no fair. Why not just call it "Don't You Dare Go in the F*ckin Water ... Or Else"? I'm positive that would get folks into seats.

Starring Eric Dane and Ali Hillis, the film hails from Germany and tells of a group of people who go for a swim off the side of their boat, only to forget to drop the ladder so they can get back up. From there, well, sh*t goes down, literally. Though the film will be released in Germany with the name Open Water 2, it's not known whether that will be the case when, and if, it ever gets to the States. Regardless, it's summer and I'm really in the mood for a good reason to stay off the beach.


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