In a report that surfaced first in European publication Screen Daily, it's been revealed that the female lead in Woody Allen's next film (aka I Hate Paris, Get Me Back to London) is the little-known Brit Hayley Atwell.* Atwell has done some stage work and also starred in the BBC's The Line Of Beauty; though she's currently filming a pair of new BBC projects, her only major exposure so far seems to have come from that show. That, however, didn't stop Screen International (the parent publication of Screen Daily, which explains the latter's glee at the news) from naming the girl one of their "Stars of Tomorrow" earlier this year. For his part, Allen is fully stoked to have Atwell in his film, and has told the press that he his "going to present her so [we] can see what [he is] talking about." He wants all of us, you see, to "Share [his] enjoyment of her." (Does that choice of words sound creepy to anyone else?)

The movie, which also stars Ewan McGregor, Colin Farrell and Tom Wilkinson, is about "two brothers with financial problems who are persuaded by a third party to turn to a life of crime;" it will shoot in London this summer.

*Sorry about the picture. Come on, she's been in ONE TV SHOW -- what do you want from me? And yes, that's her on the left, without the massive head.
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