For years and years my response to the "Who's your favorite director?" question would have been "Terry Gilliam." But after suffering through The Brothers Grimm and being compelled to pluck my eyeballs out during Tideland, I believe I may have relegated the (still awesome) Mr. Gilliam to second or third on my list -- which allows the brilliant British bastard known as Danny Boyle to leap into the #1 spot. I mean, seriously: How could such brilliantly eclectic titles like Shallow Grave, Trainspotting, 28 Days Later, and Millions all come from the same guy? (Well, credit where it's due: It's Boyle and his go-to screenwriter Alex Garland.)

And for the past few months I've had my geek phaser set to stun regarding Mr. Boyle's next project: A deep-space sci-fi thriller called Sunshine that stars the likes of Cillian Murphy, Michelle Yeoh, Rose Byrne, Cliff Curtis, and Chris Evans. Plot synopsis: 50 years in the future, scientists realize that our sun is dying out, so up go a team of astronauts to see if they can't fix the problem. They promptly vanish. Seven years later a new crew is dispatched, partially to figure out what went wrong, but mainly to save Earth from a massive melting.

Pretty nifty concept, even if does remind one of Event Horizon just a little bit. Anyway, the flick's not scheduled to hit the planet until next March, but if you visit the official site, you can sift through four pretty cool video segments, the most recent of which comes off like a rather enticing teaser trailer.

Considering how effortlessly Mr. Boyle does the genre-hop, one can only hope that his next flick is a post-apocalyptic action flick or a really bubbly musical comedy.
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