If you review movies for long enough, you end up with a lot of screeners around the house. Me? Because I'm terrified of both the law and distributors, I put them under my mattress and don't show them to even my closest friends. (They actually think I detail cars for a living.) Others, however, sell them, which pisses off the people who are missing out on profit because of that illegal distribution. And, every once in a while, the offending critics get their asses busted by the man. Case in point: Paul Sherman, a freelancer who will never, ever get another screener in the mail. Paul, your name is mud.

Varietyreported this morning that Sherman has been busted for selling over 100 screeners to warez groups, organizations that distribute software (and, obviously, movies) for download. From what I can gather, these groups are incredibly organized, and do business less for profit than to make things available to their users (warez users, feel free to help us out in the comments -- I'm basically going on the wikipedia entry). Over a few years, Sherman was paid a grand total of $4,714 for 117 discs. And, now that he's been caught, he could be fined up to $250,000 and spend three years in prison. Uh huh. And this is worth the risk why, again?
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