Noticing that the success of Ocean's 11 and 12 -- and 13, which will inevitably make tons of money -- seemed to have much to do with content as quality (while most people rate the former quite highly, the sequel, as much as love it, really sort of sucked) Fox 2000 has snatched up the movie rights to Hustle, a BBC series that just recently showed up on AMC. The show, which shares the "heists and scams committed by appealing, good-looking people" formula followed so effectively by Steven Soderbergh with the Ocean's series, will be brought to the big screen by the team that guided the show, which is a good sign indeed. Series creator Bharat Nalluri will produce along with Jane Featherstone and Simon Crawford-Collins (both of whom worked on Hustle and also produced Spooks -- know as MI-5 stateside -- for the BBC), and Paul Webster; the screenplay is being written by Tony Jordan, who wrote the series. If nothing else, it's a good start.
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