This could be one of the most atrocious bits of information that I have ever read: Gwen Stefani is in talks to play Baby Doll! In a remake of the 1956 Elia Kazan film, which was written by Tennessee Williams, Stefani would play a woman whose husband has been waiting through a whole year of marriage in order to finally sleep with her. The original Baby Doll was nominated for four Oscars including Best Screenplay, Best Black-and-White Cinematography and Best Actress for Carroll Baker in the title role. Although the film was controversial in its time, nowadays it just seems absurd, despite having a terrific cast, and I can't imagine how it will play as a remake. Will they attempt to update the story? Will they still have Baby Doll sleep in a crib? Because Stefani would look completely ridiculous in a crib.

Actually she'll likely look ridiculous in the part altogether. It was bad enough that Baker was too old for the part (I consider her casting almost as silly as Sue Lyons' in Lolita), but at least she was a great actress. Stefani is 36. Can she really pull off 20?

I will add that I have the perfect choice to take over Karl Malden's role: John C. Reilly. Not that if he does get the part I will have any desire to see the film.

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