It isn't that unusual for straight actors to be comfortable playing gay, but Jonathan Rhys Meyers is apparently more than just okay with it. In fact, he really, really likes playing homosexual men, and he's looking forward to more gay roles in the future. So far he has only played gay in the films Velvet Goldmineand Alexander, though he might also include the TV movie Elvis, as he swears that the rock legend was, "the gayest f**king thing on two legs."

Maybe Rhys Meyers is unaware, but there are plenty of gay parts that he can play. Of course, they are in low-budget films that mostly only play at specialty theaters like The Quad in New York (and no, I'm not talking about gay porn), but they do exist. The thing is, Rhys Meyers wants to play famous gay men, like Rock Hudson and Montgomery Clift, though he admits he's too small for Hudson. Until someone decides to do one of those biopics, perhaps he can campaign for a sequel to Brokeback Mountain.

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