Okay, this one is fun. Generally, in the final weeks leading up to a major blockbuster, I find myself with movie fatigue. That is to say I get tired of seeing the film on products and promotions everywhere and just want the film to happen. There's only so many times you can see Spider-Man on jelly jars and plastic bags, for example, before it starts driving you nuts. I hit the Supermanfatigue wall sometime late last week. I'm still greatly anticipating the film, but I'm tired of seeing it absolutely everywhere. I just want to see the movie, I don't want to eat foods endorsed by it any longer.

That said, the creative team behind Superman Returns' marketing and promotions has actually put together an amusing little gimmick I actually enjoy -- probably because it's less promotional and more for the amusement of the fans themselves. If you swing on by the official Superman Returns website, you'll quickly notice something is out of place. After the initial loading sequence, you hear a "WRONG!" declaration and see Kevin Spacey as Lex Luthor, who has officially "taken over" the Site of Steel. If you poke around you'll notice many of the site's sections have been altered by Lex, perhaps most notably the wallpaper downloads. Go have a look, it'll give you a good chuckle.