I don't know if they have grackles where you live, but let me tell you: They're possibly the foulest birds of all time. (Yes, even grosser than marabou storks, assuming marabou storks don't have particularly repellent personal odors of which I'm unaware, or something.) They're medium-sized and black, but with a nasty shine to them, and they make an incredibly annoying, crackling noise all the time, like "Yeah, bitches. That's right -- I'm infesting your yard. What're you gonna do about it?"

Given that the first impulse most of us have is to throw rocks at them, one wonders why a comedy script about a human version of the creatures by two first-timers would lead to a bidding war and, ultimately, sell for over a million bucks, but there you go. The Grackle -- written by two attorneys, no less -- has been picked up by New Line, and Matthew McConaughey is already on board to both produce and star as the title character who, it's been suggested (the plot of the story is being kept secret by the paranoid people at New Line), is "a Southern jack-of-all-trades hired 'by those who have trouble fighting for themselves.'"

TMZ seems to think that New Line is high enough on this movie to actually get it made; we'll let you know if we ever hear anything about it again.
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