It has been four years since Nia Vardalos hit it big (really big) with My Big Fat Greek Wedding, the surprisingly high-grossing independent film that she wrote and starred in. So what has she been doing since, you wonder? Oh, you mean you weren't aware that she wrote and starred in another movie two years ago, which tanked almost as tremendously as Wedding scored? It was called Connie and Carla, in case you want to look it up. Now she might be returning to the one thing that could keep her relevant -- a My Big Fat sequel. She claims that she felt pressure to do a sequel after the original film became so successful, but she ran out of ideas and suffered a horrible case of writer's block. She told WENN, "I'm not saying there will for sure be a sequel, but I'm not saying there will for sure not be a sequel." She also mentioned that she could make it about nearly anything as long as she includes the "My Big Fat Greek" part to the title, though it won't be about a divorce.

Obviously, if Vardalos is really going to write a sequel, then she's still out of ideas. It was bad enough that she helped turn her film into a TV series, and the fact that said series was a failure should be enough of a hint to move on. But who in Hollywood really ever runs from a cash cow? Anyway, according to the IMDb, Vardalos has another project in pre-production at Universal called A Wilderness of Monkeys, so it doesn't really seem like she's desperate or being pressured right now.

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