The ever popular Licensing Information Trade Show was held this past weekend in New York. While most of us shamefully missed this tremendous event, Ray's Galleries had a few eyes there, and those eyes were behind some cameras. This means that courtesy of Ray's Gallery, you can see some of the groovy promotional displays from the comfort of your own living room. Cool? You bet. Of primary interest to Cinematical's Geek Beat writer are the Fantastic Four 2display, the Spider-Man 3display, and the quite nifty looking Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles display. There's also a nice looking Hellboy Animated photo or two for you to check out, amongst various other things you may find more interesting than I did. The display for the Fantastic Four sequel features the title The Fantastic Four and The Silver Surfer. Fun, but very probably not the actual title of the film. Sadly, the display shows no actual look at the Silver Surfer ... but no surprise there. We'll just have to keep impatiently waiting.
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