Hollywood just cannot get enough of the fashion industry. The Devil Wears Prada isn't even out yet, and reports of fashion-related pictures are starting to roll in -- just wait until it makes millions upon millions! Why, Anna Wintour herself will be writing scripts.

The latest in the fashion vein sounds like it's going to be a really, really long movie -- tt's about the entire Gucci family. Um, ok. Who wants to see this again? According to Variety, the screenplay is being written by Andrea Berloff (who also wrote World Trade Center), and will touch on exciting stuff like tax fraud, murder, and murder-for-hire. Whoa. Nevermind: I want to see this. It'd be cooler, though, if they also mentioned the nameless cousins who do stuff like own newspaper kiosks in Italy or, say, direct traffic in Miami. Just, you know, to get the full flavor of the Gucci clan -- they can't ALL have been fashion kings or criminals, can they?

If the screenplay is ever written and ready to go, Sir Ridley Scott (!) is expected to produce and direct. Comfortably shod in, one assumes, some Gucci loafers.
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