Though there hasn't been an official announcement regarding another sequel in the Mission Impossible franchise, Tom Cruise hinted to a possible scene in the fourth installment that would require the city of Tokyo to literally shut down ... everything. Oh that Tom Cruise and his nutty ideas.

Cruise made the comment alongside director J.J. Abrams while the two were off promoting Mission Impossible 3 in Japan. The actor went on to explain that, although citizens would hate life and traffic would hit an all-time high,  he promised an action sequence that would be remembered forever. In return, Tokyo would only have to shut down for one week -- a minor inconvenience for, what could potentially be, Tom Cruise running throughout the streets at super-human speed.

Though it sounds absurd, a similar situation arose during filming of MI:3 in Shanghai. At that time, the Chinese government closed off large sections of the city at night to allow for filming some of the pic's more elaborate scenes. Personally, after being named Forbes most powerful celebrity, I think Tom Cruise is trying to see exactly how powerful he really is. I'm still waiting for the day when the guy tries to buy a planet and name if after himself. Screw Mars or Jupiter -- Planet Cruise sounds so much more ... relaxed. Am I right? Or am I right?

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