Although Robert Rodriguez has a somewhat ... tenuous reputation with certain elements of Hollywood, it's hard to find anything but praise coming from those who have worked with him. Particularly, it seems like nearly everyone who worked on Sin Citywith Rodriguez and his power-player buddy Frank Miller is anxious to return for a second try. Those who aren't in the new script have expressed regret, and those who are generally bubble with excitement. The latest to chime in on the "can't wait to get back to it" list is Michael Clarke Duncan, who played Manute in Sin City.

In an interview with Empire, Duncan was asked about returning, and he explained the whole "Sin City novels don't really go in chronological order and neither will the movies, which means dying in movie one does not prevent being in movie two" deal, which we've heard from practically everyone involved with the movies. Is there really anyone out there who doesn't get it at this point? If so, hopefully Duncan cleared it up for you. His reaction to being asked about Rodriguez was "I love the way Frank Miller and Robert Rodriguez direct. They're like the coolest guys you'd wanna meet, so I gotta go back to that."
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