After already signing him onto one film, New Line is once again in negotiations with Matthew McConaughey with hopes the actor will star in Ghosts of Girlfriends Past. As Martha told you the other day, the actor is attached to play the lead in a film called The Grackle, which was written by two lawyers. While there wasn't much of a description available at the time, leaving us wondering what exactly two lawyers would write about (other than another sequel to Jaws), it now appears more information has surfaced.

Apparently, McConaughey will play a barroom fighter in New Orleans who hires himself out to help "settle disputes" for people too poor to afford a lawyer. Ahh, now I see the connection -- Richard Dreyfuss was in Jaws and also played a lawyer in Night Falls on Manhattan. Becomes crystal clear when you think about it.

As far as this Ghosts of Girlfriends Past goes, pic was originally scheduled to shoot in 2003, with Ben Affleck attached to star. However, things fell through and now New Line wants to snatch the project from Disney, who have been developing it for quite some time. McConaughey starring depends on whether or not that deal actually happens. Story centers around a man who attends his friend's bachelor party, only to be haunted by, well, take a wild guess. If all goes well, the film could be released sometime during the holiday season in 2007.

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