Odds and ends from I can't believe it's not Friday yet (a/k/a Thursday)

  • After watching him sign on for role after role, I was waiting for the day when all of this pimping would catch up to Vin Diesel. Well folks, it appears that day has come. It's now being reported Diesel has dropped out of the film Black Water Transit, forcing filmmakers to hurriedly replace the actor with filming set to begin at the end of July. No word yet on why he skipped out on the pic (perhaps he hates black water and/or the transit system), but if a replacement isn't found soon, look for this one to get pushed back. Also starring in the film are Kevin Bacon, James Franco and Sophie Okonedo.
  • While I'm not so sure what's funny about being a grieving widower, apparently NALA films felt there was something comedic behind the idea for Only Ever You. Griffin Dunne has been attached to direct the romantic comedy which will follow a guy who's having a hard time getting over the death of his wife. The description becomes a bit confusing after that, but I'm guessing he eventually moves on from the sadness and finds a new lease on life. Once again, what's funny about that?
  • Looks like the Sundance Channel wants to get in on this whole internet thing. It appears the cable channel has struck a deal with two media companies to begin streaming some of its films online. We're not sure what, when and how this will all go down but they did note that all revenues will be shared with the filmmakers. Ain't that special. I'd be curious to see if they somehow work the Sundance Film Festival into this streaming as a way for folks stuck at home to catch a glimpse of the action playing in Park City. For those of us too poor to fly out to Utah, something like that would be very enticing.