They say there are no new ideas in Hollywood -- and that, it seems, goes double for Adam Sandler films. While you won't find the words 'magic remote control' in Aristotle's Poetics, it seems that the central pitch of Click is hardly fresh. In a link located at Defamer, the Ironic Sans blog is listing a detailed enumeration of all the prior iterations of the 'magical remote' storyline from Click -- from the Jetsons to The Twilight Zone to The Simpsons, but not the Tom Poston film Zotz, which Pat mentioned in the comments here. And has anyone brought up Cashback yet?

Cinematical readers, can you think of any mystical remote films they missed? Are there any other recent films you've seen with too-familiar plotlines? And if imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then why do people get fired for plagiarism? 
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