Looks like some people are so stoked about their film that the word 'sequel' keeps spitting out of their mouth even though production on the first film isn't done yet. While speaking to MTV, Robert Rodriguez claimed there was enough coolness in Grind House to sport a part two and he's already got plenty of ideas running around his head.

With shooting finally taking place on his half of Grind House (titled Planet Terror), Rodriguez seemed fixated on the small, fake trailers supposedly placed in between his film and Quentin Tarantino'sDeath Proof. Funny, we've heard more about these trailers than the actual films themselves. Why do I feel like that's a bad thing? Anyway, Rodriguez thinks the trailers are so good, they may even be used for the sequel -- meaning, I imagine, that the fake film will ultimately become real. Not much is known about these trailers, only that Danny Trejo appears in one of them. According to the Sin City director, along with the Trejo one, there's another trailer that's "huge." With shooting almost done on Planet Terror, Death Proof will probably begin its production this fall with Grind House reportedly hitting theaters in the spring. However, I'd think more along the lines of early summer.

[via JoBlo]

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