For a reason I don't remember, a few weeks ago I watched an online clip (Which seems to have been taken down. Stupid laws.) of Samuel L. Jackson on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. In addition to listening to Jackson tell his now-standard story about wanting to do the movie because of its title, DeGeneres was explaining to him that she'd put together a couple of entries for the Snakes on a Planesoundtrack contest that New Line was running. She didn't explain anything about the contest, but one of her songs involved chanting "Snakes, snakes, snakes on a plane!" over and over again, and it was clearly going to be in the running when the time came to pick the contest's most impressive submission.

Well, New Line has announced its winner, and Ellen DeGeneres' name is nowhere to be found (she must have screwed up the application, or something). Instead, the prize -- spots on both the movie's soundtrack and in the film itself -- goes to LA band Captain Ahab's work, Snakes on a Brain. Either my computer or I have a problem because we can't get the song to play but, really, I think Ahab said it all after the results were announced: "By pairing the greatest film of all time with the greatest song of all time, David Ellis and the executives at New Line Cinema have surpassed all previous expectations of human endeavor." U-S-A! U-S-A!
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