If you haven't yet read about Uwe Boll's challenge to movie critics everywhere, I suggest you do so right now. Essentially, the man got tired of having people rip on his movies, and has thrown down the gauntlet in a style reminiscent of Jay and Silent Bob in the end of Strike Back. He's running this odd contest of sorts wherein the winners are determined to be those critics who most viscerally lambaste the man, and the prize is a part in his new movie -- but only after you go a few rounds with the man in a boxing ring. No, that's not a joke. I know it sounds like a 3rd grader, but if you've watched any of the man's movies (yeah, I wouldn't admit to it either, if I were you) you'd probably not expect much better.

One man has already proudly risen to the challenge, and it comes from a corner which nobody should find surprising. Those crazy guys from Something Awful are among the world's leaders at visceral verbal assault, and have proved in times past they are not afraid to man up to the table for a serious challenge. Popular frontman Lowtax (Rich Kayanka) has apparently had contact with Boll in the past, when the director emailed him to discuss S.A.'s verbal abuse of his films. Having this foundation to build on, Lowtax reestablished contact with Dr. Boll and asked for a spot in the boxing ring. Boll agreed, and Lowtax threw down some film reviews of Boll flicks to earn his spot. This ought to be a fantastic story to watch unfold, especially heard through the telling of Lowtax.