Though Sony isn't offering any details on why they've suddenly dumped James Mangold'shideous-on-principle remake of the brilliant3:10 to Yuma, I'm fully in support of their decision, whatever the motivation (it'd be nice if if had something to do with them suddenly realizing a remake was a travesty, but I'm assuming it's really about money). The last time we talked about this movie -- back in February -- the names associated with it were Tom Cruise (baddie) and Eric Bana (good guy): Both men were reported to be "considering" the roles, but signing contracts was a ways off. Now, in their article on Sony's decision to put the movie in turnaround, Variety just casually mention that Russell Crowe is "attached" to the project. What? When did the happen? And how did everyone miss it?! Damn that sneaky Russell. The media's failure to notice aside, it sounds like Crowe's involvement in a done deal, because it's being discussed as a selling point for Mangold as he shops his movie to other studios.

For his part, Mangold has started defending his movie already. Apparently the world thinks that westerns are "narcissistic, ponderous film[s]," and he wants us to know "that ain't what we're making." Great, James -- thanks for sharing. Instead, he says, "We're making something with balls, taste and emotion." Uh huh. Good to know. Since all of those things are in the original in spades, I'm assuming this means you've decided to just use the entirety of the 1957 screenplay. If that's the case, there's a slight chance your movie won't completely suck.
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