Dave Boat is the vocalist behind Marvel's god of thunder in the two (well, soon to be two, anyway) direct-to-DVD Ultimate Avengers animated flicks the company has produced. Until the Avengers flicks, Boat had not done any movie work -- he had instead labored away in the anonymity of video game voice acting, working for the likes of The Sims. When asked how he liked the transition, Boat provided a terrible double entendre of an answer which this Marvel geek found very amusing. He replied "I'm a god to my nephew and his friends." I know, I know ... it is a terribly cheesy line. But hey, I'd totally be throwing down that line if I were playing Thor. He also said it was fantastic to be working with the same crew again, as he enjoys his fellow Avengers. And he envies Thor's muscles and hair ... but hey, who doesn't envy the god of thunder, really? 

Geek confession time! Okay, you know you've had this discussion. If you could pick any Avenger to portray, which one would you go for? And you can include Avengers which don't show up in this flick, if it helps. Personally, I'm a Captain America guy myself, but ya know, I'd take Thor if they offered.
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