A new documentary titled Who Killed the Electric Car?presents the history of GM's battery-powered EV1 vehicle, which was discontinued after only five years of production supported by very limited marketing. The film, which opens in NYC and LA on June 28, is very topical right now because The Smithsonian Institute just made a controversial decision to remove their EV1 from public display. It is also relevant to current cinema, as it provides a footnote to the global warming doc, An Inconvenient Truth.

Look for my review of the film later in the week, but until then, check out Sebastian Blanco's exclusive interview with one of the doc's subjects, Chelsea Sexton, over at AutoBlogGreen. Sexton, a former employee of GM who worked on the EV1's leasing program, is the heart and soul of Who Killed the Electric Car?. She is also the most enjoyable part of the film, providing it with much needed spirit throughout its depressing story. If you like the interview with her, you may just want to check out the film to hear more about her passion for and former life with electric cars.