Ever since it popped up at Cannes, I've read nothing but ratherenthusiasticthings about a new Korean horror flick called The Host. (Our own Martha Fischer celebrated the flick's U.S. distribution deal a few weeks back, but now there seems to be a new international trailer for the flick, which gives us another chance to talk about it.) Apparently The Host is about this giant, mutant, man-eating tadpole monster who cracks out of the Seoul sewers and begins killing people at a rather distressing clip, and at a budget of $10 million (U.S.), it looks to be one of the country's more expensive productions. Midnight Cannes screenings were apparently well-received, and now it looks like Magnolia Pictures plans to bring The Host to U.S. shores ... but probably not before a few extra tweaks and a full run-through on the festival circuit.

So if any of the above material interests you in any way (particularly the words "giant, mutant, man-eating tadpole monster"), then you might want to check out that international trailer right here, a photo gallery right here, and the official site right here. Or at least bookmark it for later.
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