We're not hanging out in sunny Los Angeles for the Los Angeles Film Festival this year -- although, looking at their lineup, maybe I'll lobby for someone at Cinematical who enjoys sun, glitz and Botox a lot more than I do to cover it next year -- but I thought I'd check in and see what other folks are saying about it.  Surprisingly, given that 60,000 people are supposedly descending on Westwood for this fest, I'm not finding a whole lot of folks writing interesting stuff about it. Maybe nothing interesting has happened yet, I don't know. If you're there, and you're blogging about it, drop me a line at kim@cinematical.com and let me know.

  • Matt Dentler is still so excited about Brothers of the Head, the punk-rock mockumetary about Siamese Twin punk rockers, I'm beginning to regret not catching it at SIFF when I had a chance. If you're one of the 9 million or so people living in or around Los Angeles County, you might want to check it out. Film has it's L.A. premiere June 28 at the fest.


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