Odds and ends from Friday:

  • Though we're not even close to 2007 yet, studios are already jumping on open dates for summer 2008. While we knew Marvel's Iron Man was sniffing out a May release date, Paramount Pictures made things official and secured May 2, 2008. Directed by Jon Favreu, pic follows billionaire Tony Stark who, following an accident, must create a suit of armor to save his life. As of now, no one is attached to play Iron Man and rumors swirling around Tom Cruise have been denied.
  • It's a known fact that films about weddings and the mafia usually do well with audiences. Hmm, so why not combine the two? Warner Brothers is looking to do exactly that as their in negotiations to pick up the spec script, Committed for Life. Based on an actual true story (seriously, I remember reading about this in the newspaper), pic tells of two undercover FBI agents of the opposite sex who plan this elaborate wedding all as part of a sting operation against the mob. Talk about a bizarre wedding favor, imagine leaving at the end of the night with a pair of handcuffs and a free trip to jail.
  • Okay, this one is a little strange. After M. Night Shyamalan jumped the Disney ship in favor of Warners for the upcoming Lady in the Water, we knew something was off. After all, the director had made four previous films with Disney and seemed to have a strong relationship with them, only to bail giving us some disguised "Warners lets me be more independent" excuse. Well, according to a 278-page book due out the day before Lady hits theaters, M. Night dishes the real dirt on the Mouse House, calling out its top three executives as money hungry pirates against individualism. Written by Michael Bamberger (with Shyamalan's blessing) and titled The Man Who Heard Voices: Or, How M. Night Shyamalan Risked His Career on a Fairy Tale, the book delves into great detail regarding the fall-out between Shyamalan and Disney, even going as far as describing the bizarre nightmares M. Night suffered throughout the entire ordeal. Yeah, so look for those two not to team up again in the future. [via The Movie Blog]
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