In a legal move that just might start to curtail the non-stop Horror Remake Parade (yeah, right), filmmakers Fred Walton & Steve Feke (creators of the original When a Stranger Calls) have filed suit against producer Melvin Simon and Screen Gems/Sony, claiming that they're still owed some solid coin in regard to the lame-o remake that came out last year (and went on to gross about $60 million worldwide and that doesn't include DVD).

Apparently the conflict has a lot to do with a contract between producer Simon and the original Call creators. Walton (director, co-writer) and Feke (screenwriter) claim that they're owed a fair share of compensation -- plus they feel they should have been consulted before the property was handed over to Sony. According to Variety, the pair is asking for restitution in the form of "over a million dollars," which means this case will probably be settled quckly and quietly -- just in time for the inevitable direct-to-video sequel. (We are talking about Sony, don't forget.)

(While researching this news, I discovered that producer Melvin Simon, former Columbia exec and AVCO/Embassy head, was partially responsible for titles like The Manitou, Scavenger Hunt, The Stunt Man, My Bodyguard, Zorro the Gay Blade, Chu Chu and the Philly Flash, and the first two Porky's flicks. Just found it to be a fairly amusing filmography.)
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