Here is how this one works, see if you can follow. Warner Brothers writer/producer Stan Berkowitz allegedly leaked some info in an interview which wasn't supposed to be shared. The info was picked up and included in a Wikipedia article, but Warner quickly removed the leaked information from the interview, and thus the Wikipedia info will be deleted as non-sourced. This is all according to a tipster to AICN -- you can read it in his words here. Just what information is Warner allegedly hiding from us? Apparently, they are going to take a page from Marvel and create a direct-to-DVD animated feature -- focusing it around DC's New Frontier 6 issue special.

I'm not given to reading many DC titles, particularly not limited run deals. Trusted opinions tell me this is a sweet little story, however, and said opinions seem to think it is a good choice for a direct-to-DVD deal. I certainly hope it is, because I'm entirely willing to purchase another animated comic book flick and I'd like to see the trend encouraged to continue. DC fans, tell me a bit about this New Frontier and it's animated potential. Good Idea, or do you have a better suggestion?
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