If you weren't aware, Jason Isaacs is the man who plays evil Lucius Malfoy (father of Harry Potter's enemy Draco) in the Harry Potterfilm franchise. According to Isaacs, it is almost his turn to join the filming, and he's really excited about it. He'll get to have a go in September and October, rejoining his fellow actors from the previous films for a whole lot of blue screen work. He said much of what he's doing in this flick is a big blue screen battle, but he's under strict confidentiality orders to not tell anything important: "We always have to sign these incredible confidentiality clauses where we offer up our children's eyeballs if we ever break them." Isaacs also wisely (and humorously followed this up by indicating "I've never quite understood, since they're the most popular books on the planet, but anyway, I think I'm involved in the big battle." And it is entirely true, anyone interested in seeing this film has probably already read the novel -- but I suppose there are always film-only fans. How about it? Are there any of you out there who are unaware as to what Isaacs was referring to when he mentioned the big blue screen battle? If you are a Harry Potter hater who doesn't plan on seeing the film your vote doesn't count because it wouldn't be a spoiler for you anyway.
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