Despite my professed Superman fatigue*, I continue to be impressed with the Man of Steel's marketing people. The run-up to Bryan Singer's Superman Returns feels to me as though it has been going on for roughly 65 years now, and I've admitted to being flat out tired of seeing Brandon Routh's spandex-clad body on every product in the supermarket. However, every time I express this fatigue, the marketing people go and do something which impresses me -- this makes the second time in under a week, I believe. Today's gimmick? Projecting the Superman shield (that image you can see in the upper right of this post) onto various large surfaces across the county. Not only will cities such as Pittsburgh, New York, Philly, Atlanta, DC, Dallas, Cleveland (and others) find the shield projected onto local tall buildings and other handy surfaces, skydivers (yes, skydivers) will be employed in several cities as well. These folks will be jumping on June 26th (Monday), and will perform one of two neat tricks. In some cities, they'll come together in a choreographed pattern to form a human S-Shield; and in others, the skydivers will be working together to carry huge S-Shield banners. Major bonus points to any Cine readers who can snag a snapshot or two of a projected Shield or the Skydivers of Steel.

*Don't confuse fatigue with lack of interest. I'm still totally stoked to see the film itself.
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