If you've got the time and the interest, and you live somewhere near Burbank, California (or don't mind dropping some cash on a plane ticket and a hotel stay), you can take a stab at joining the cast of Michael Bay's Transformers flick. The enormous casting company Central Casting has sent out the call for open casting, but only if you can convincingly look like a high schooler and don't exceed the age of 23. If you fit all of the prescribed criteria above, you can work your way over to Central Casting's offices in Burbank on June 29th between 5 pm and 8 pm-- and if you don't know how to get there or are not sure if you qualify, you can call this handy toll number: 818-503-3329. Work is currently scheduled for July 10-12, but as is normally the case with these things, it is 100% subject to change at any time.

Despite my general dislike for Michael Bay, this is one I'd try to land were I not an entire continent away from California. The Transformers have a special place in my little geek heart, and being in a flick with them would be fantastic. If any Cine readers manage to join the cast, be sure to drop us a line and let us know your thoughts so we can be appropriately jealous.
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