This is just a quickie, but seeing as how it is about Watchmen it merits a good post. As fans know, Watchmen has had a devil of a time finding its way to the silver screen. We've been teased, but nobody has delivered. Ergo, when a new round of Watchmen movie rumors started popping up, it was rather hard to have any faith in them. We wanted to believe, but our hearts had been broken too many times with Watchmen's false promises. We've got Zack Snyder attached to direct this time around, and as of this weekend we've got a writer as well -- one Alex Tse. Tse hasn't had much screen writing experience to date; according to IMDB the only real work he has done in the field thus far is a Showtime drama film with Spike Lee.

So does the attachment of a writer give you any further confidence in the film's chances of actually existing? It seems like this studio is serious about the project, so maybe we'll get some action this time. Interesting to choose such an unknown for the writer, but I suppose he's got most of the primary themes already taken care of for him. He does have pretty solid source material, after all.
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