The Mayhem Project, a small, genre-oriented production company that was founded last year, has hired a director for its first film. Back in October, Mayhem announced that its first two projects would be horror films: Sanctuary (an original story) and Clock Tower, which is based on a video game. Already in line to write the latter was Jake Wade Wall, the scribe who, among other things, penned the paint-by-numbers (and court-bound) remake of When a Stranger Calls, but the studio just recently hired a director. According to reports in the trades this week, Chilean horror prodigy Jorge Olguín has been signed to helm the film which, since he was discovered and is currently having a feature produced by the great Guillermo del Toro, is exciting news indeed for fans of the Clock Tower franchise.

The movie, which "involves a young woman who receives a disturbing phone call from her estranged mother warning her not to come home," is apparently based on the best-selling third installment in the Clock Tower series, and is expected to go into production sometime this fall. Gamers can help me out here, but my understanding is that this game is much less about killing bad guys and much more about hiding and escaping from them than most scary games these days, so maybe it'll be something different, for once.
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