Some brand new movie photos have hit the net for two highly anticipated films currently in production. Right off the bat, it appears the first images from Wong Kar-Wai'sMy Blueberry Nights have surfaced. While an all-star cast has lined up to shell out Wai's first English-language pic, the outcome of the film could potentially fall on the shoulders of singer-turned-actress Norah Jones, who will be starring in her first lead role. Those of you interested in viewing what Jones will look like in said role are in luck, seeing as the group of photos featured are mainly of her and Jude Law hanging around outside what appears to be a restaurant. Thanks to Twitch for discovering them via the Getty Images website.

Awhile back, we brought you the first image of Steve Carell as Evan Almighty. The picture showed Evan Baxter's final transformation into a Noah-type figure who is summoned by God to build an ark before the great flood arrives. Now, USA Today has dished out a crop of new photos, primarily showing Evan hard at work on his ark. We also snag a first look at Morgan Freeman, as he returns to the role of God. Yay for us!

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