Take Romeo and Juliet, blend with a liberal dose of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, and what do you get? You getShinobi, a visually stunning film about the Iga and the Koga, two ninja tribes with magical powers. Sworn enemies, the tribes have nonetheless managed to live at peace with each other thanks to a treaty forbidding them from fighting. That doesn't mean they have to like each other, though. Then one day Oboro (Yukie Nakama), the granddaughter of the matriarch of the Iga clan, happens to meet Gennosuke (Jô Odagiri), the son of the Kouga chief, at the watering hole. For reasons that are never made completely clear (but is love ever really completely clear?) the two fall deeply in forbidden love. The idealistic Gennosuke thinks they can just tell their respective families about their love and all will be well: "Look, Dad, the Iga are nice! I'm in love with one of them!" The more pragmatic Oboro warns Gennosuke that no happiness can come of their love. Guess who's going to be right?

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