Man. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest sounds like it's pretty freaking awesome, people. I somehow missed the POTC bug the first time around (I saw it and thought it was ok, but it just didn't leave me desperate for more), but reading David Poland's review of the sequel had me checking to see how many more days I would have to wait to see it. There's also a long, equally positive review up at AICN, but since you have to take their raves with a grain or 500 of salt, Poland's got me a lot more fired up.

Though both reviewers think the movie is too long (which seems to be common among Summer(Ed: I know, December isn't summer. Sorry.) -- King Kong, Superman Returns, and now this), but they both are over the moon about how wonderful it is, in a "studio confection" sort of way. As Poland says, this isn't rocket science. The film isn't changing the world, it's simply "kicking ass, taking names, and reminding us all of the joy that going to a big summer movie is supposed to inspire in us." Awe. Some.

Both reviews tread very carefully to avoid spoilers, so I think it's safe to go take a look. If you're super-sensitive, though, and don't even want to know about general plot points or stuff like effects, stay away, because things like that are covered in spades.