I bet the last thing you possibly expected today was a Superman story on Cinematical, right? I mean, what's the big deal about this guy, anyway? Blue tights, S-Shield, yada yada. Well surprise, we DO have a Supes story for you today, which brings the rough count of posts I've written about Superman to somewhere in the neighborhood of 6.2 frazillion. And no, frazillion was not even a unit of measure until today. Big important scientist type people had to make it up just to count the number of times I've written about the film.

Today's story is a fun one though, I promise. The folks over at Movies dot com have assembled a list called "40 Things You Didn't Know About Superman." However, I know my readers, and I have faith that not a single one of you will actually find a full 40 things they did not know. In fact, I wouldn't be at all surprised if some of my Geek Beaters out there managed to register in the single digits. Go ahead, read the list. Tell me how many of them you actually "Didn't Know." If anyone out there knows 'em all, and can convince me you are legitimate, I'll be very impressed.  For the rest of us, there are some neat little factoids about classic Superman as well as the run-up to the film. And some of it is sorta thinly-veiled movie marketing, but hey ... we can deal.
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