Have you done it? It's like a rite of passage for the hardcore, particularly among the geek movie crowd. I'm talking about the camp out: Sitting in line for days in advance of a big release in order to be the first guy with tickets and the first guy in the cinema seats. Sure, many theaters have moved to online ticket ordering and thus eliminated the actual need to be wait to get a ticket, but hey, that's for the weak. The real fans still bring their tents, tables, food, and TVs. They wait it out the old fashioned way ... although some blog while they do it. So thanks to the magic of wifi, you can check out those crazy folks over at FirstShowing.net, who proudly live up to their tag line: Blogging the culture of Midnight Movie Openings. These fanatics are currently working on, you guessed it, Superman Returns, and are blogging their adventures to share with us all. Amazingly, despite arriving 30 hours or so in advance, they are not the number one guys in line -- although they claim the competition acted nefariously to get there. They generally pass their time by watching classic Superman flicks on the TV they've brought with them, and have apparently earned themselves a special private viewing of the new Spider-Man 3 trailer sometime this morning -- courtesy of the theater people, who seemed to be rather impressed with the whole deal.

True fans or nut jobs? Probably a good mix of both, to be honest. Would you join them, if you could afford to not go to school/work for two days? Or are you just as content to click a few buttons on the internet and have your tickets ready for you to pick up five minutes before the feature starts?
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