Warner Bros. may well be leading the movie download race against other studios, as it is one of the few to already have deals with download sites CinemaNow and MovieLink, and it recently announced an agreement to distribute movies via BitTorrent. Now they have signed with one more, Guba. I won't go into the technical differences between all the download sites, mostly because I don't understand them well enough, but it doesn't matter since the pricing is still what matters most, and Guba isn't much different from the others. New movies cost $19.99 and old movies are $9.99. To rent the films, though, is only $1.99 for 24 hours, with the option to extend the rental period for a little bit extra. Each movie is a Windows Media file, so it can be streamed on anything with the Windows Media Player, including portable devices.

Once again, I'll be sticking with my Netflix, but I applaud the apparent advances in this area of distribution. As long as they keep experimenting, they're likely to get something that will be attractive to me eventually.