Look, stuff leaks online all the time and, for awhile, it's a whole lot of fun. That is, until Daddy (insert studio name here) comes along and ruins the party. Right now, you're totally expecting me to follow up that sentence with a link taking you to the leaked teaser for Michael Bay's live-action version of Transformers. I know that's what you want. However, I'd like you to beg for it. Seriously, I'm having a bad day -- please humor me here.

Don't feel like begging -- fine. Instead, I'll just point you in the direction of the teaser's description, complete with a few screen-shots of the thing itself. Seeing as the words, "Property of Paramount Pictures" grace the bottom of each image, I think it's safe to say these aren't supposed to be seen ... yet. And, since we here at Cinematical like to play by the rules (when we're sober), the best I can do is show you the way.

If the teaser's description doesn't satisfy you, then perhaps the gigantic picture of Bumblebee will. Awhile back, Mark told us how a guy with the handle of Handz 510 caught a glimpse of Bumblebee and said the robot (an actual physical Transformer, not CGI created) looked awesome. Well folks, see for yourself -- the thing does look pretty friggin' sweet. I imagine this won't last too long, Paramount has already begun sweeping the internet in search of people not like us. Ya know, because we're good like that. Wink. Wink.

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