Hot on the heels of a New Frontier animated, direct-to-DVD rumor comes sweet tales of yet more cartoon-superhero goodness! The current story on New Frontier says the folks over at Warner Brothers are absolutely livid about the leaked information. They are, in fact, seriously considering the project (hooray!), but are in very, very early stages with it, and have no promises to make as yet. The talented Bruce Timm, said to be involved with New Frontier, is also rumored to be involved on at least two more DC projects as well -- an attempt to revise the Superman animated line (after the tragedy of Brainiac Attacks!), and a Justice League flick to bridge the gap between Justice League and Justice League Unlimited. Rumor FURTHER suggests Warner Brothers plans to crank out as many as 3-4 animated DVD flicks per year, if they perform well enough to merit more.

I cannot express how much I enjoy nice little cartoon superhero movies. They appeal to something very basic in my little geek brain, probably rooting back to my childhood with Marvel Power Hour. I'm not even an enormous DC fan, and I'm still stoked about DC animated flicks. It's hard to go wrong with Batman, Superman, and JLA cartoons, after all. Staples of the superhero world.