It's a good thing for people who have nothing better to do at three in the morning since they're the folks snatching pics from the set of Spider-Man 3, currently shooting in Brooklyn, New York. It appears the Brooklyn Record has a category set aside for all things Spidey, logging a number of photos from production in the Cobble Hill neighborhood. (Coincidentally, I was just looking for an apartment in the same spot and the prices are outrageous!) In the latest crop of pics, you can check out a sexy Kristen Dunst attempting to catch a cab. Also, in case you missed them before, there's a great catalog of images from last month's New York City shoot available online as well. [via Superhero Hype and The Movie Blog]

Screw Snakes on a Plane (Speaking of, did you catch the new trailer yet?), I'm all about Christopher Walken in Balls of Fury. I mean, the dude is playing a crime boss involved in the high-stakes world of underground ping-pong tournaments. Does it get any better than that? Seriously, does it? I don't think so. And, if these new images of Walken as said crime boss are any indication, this movie is going to rock. Seeing as Balls of Fury was written by the guys who brought us Reno 911!, I'm not surprised by the ridiculous outfits they have Walken wearing. If anything, it makes me want to see the film, like, right now.

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