Remember the other day, when all we had of the Spider-Man 3 teaser was a shot-by-shot text version created by a neurotic helpful fan? And how silly it felt to be reading a really boring write-up of something we kept being told was awesome and exciting? Well, friends, no more reading for you! The real thing has surfaced online, albeit in fairly crappy quality. Still, it's very easy to see what's going on -- and, not surprisingly, the actually footage is waaaay better than the text version. There's a whole lot of black suit action, many shots of pretty James Franco (who, since he never speaks, manages not to ruin the hope that he might not be awful), and precious little MJ, for the nasty Kirsten Dunst-haters among you.

So, it's your call: If you want to go into a geek coma from the joy of seeing the Spidey 3 teaser AND Superman Returns  for the first time together, do not click this link. If you're like me, however, and hate suspense of any kind, click away, and check it out for yourself. (Do it quickly, though, because it seems likely it won't be up for long.)

Edit: Doh! As of 927am EST, it's down. But don't despair: The teaser is allegedly going to be up at Apple this afternoon (supposedly at 230pm EST), so check there for an actual non-cellphone-recorded look.

[via AICN]
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