Since The Devil Wears Prada is opening this week and A Prairie Home Companion is still in theaters, it seemed like a good time to hunt down a photo of Meryl Streep in her younger days, to see how much she has or has not changed. I had planned to find something appropriate from Julia or even Manhattan. But one thing led to another, and suddenly I was staring at a page on Christopher Lloyd's theatrical career, blinking at a photo of Lloyd and Streep onstage together.

The above photo is from the 1977 production of the musical Happy End, staged at the Brooklyn Academy of Music. The musical is about a female Salvation Army lieutenant who tries to reform a Chicago gangster ... it sounds like Guys and Dolls in reverse. The photo was surprising for so many reasons: I didn't know Lloyd had an extensive theatrical background (I would have liked seeing him as Fagin in Oliver!), I would never have guessed he'd been in a musical with Streep, and both of them look so young, too. The photo originated on Simply, which has nine photos from the production. The Web site is a good resource for Streep fans or anyone wanting to browse through an impressive photo gallery of the actress from her early theater and film years through the present.
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