If you are at all plugged into the world of Marvel, you probably remember the dismal failure of an attempt to create a Fantastic Fourmovie back in the mid-nineties. Rumors of it's terrible suckiness abounded, and eventually a good portion of it leaked into the grubby little hands of bootleggers ... and if you chanced to watch a copy you probably wanted to gouge your eyes out with the nearest spoon. If you are a comic book fan, or simply a fan of cinema, and have not seen this yet, be warned: DO NOT try to get your hands on this movie. I know you want to see it just to learn how terrible it is, but trust me -- it will only crush your soul and leave you weeping.

Combine this famous failure with the free publicity of the internet, and you of course get fanboys hoping to capitalize for personal recognition. You've gotta love how anyone with a camera can get themselves shared with the world these days, and a handful of kids have done just that, creating what they call the "lost" trailer for the 1994 Fantastic Four movie. It is a glorious little web gem, poking fun of the production quality at every turn. The amazing thing is ... this may just be better quality than the failed film.
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