This will forever brand me as a totally irredeemable dork, but one of my favorite movies ever is Grease. I know, I know. It's cheesy. But it's fun-cheesy, and it always reminds me of long, hot summer days (and oh, those summer nights ...) spent reenacting scenes from Grease with appropriately decked-out Barbie dolls with my best friend. We'd have the Grease soundtrack playing on her rickety, battery-operated Holly Hobbie record player, which we'd sing along with full blast. The big battle, of course, was over who would get to be Sandy and who would have to be Danny. I usually won this battle, because my friend had a lower voice that was (or so I ruthlessly convinced her) far better suited toward the role of Danny Zuko than my own soprano. Grease was, hands-down, one of the favorite films of my pre-adolescence.

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