Apparently inspired by Krrish, the new Bollywood Superhero flick Mark told us about the other day, a man in India threw himself from the balcony in a movie theater in India last week. And no, he wasn't trying to kill himself -- he was trying to fly! Why, of course he was.

Needless to say, no flying occurred, and he crashed to the ground and broke his leg. While it's unclear whether or not the movie was actually playing when the plunge occurred (one certainly hopes it was, because that would have been awesome), Krrish star Hrithik Roshan feels responsible for the "accident," and actually wrote an open letter to fans explaining to them that un-aided human flight is impossible. Not only that, but he felt the need to detail in the letter the training he received that enabled him to fly -- VIA THE MAGIC OF SPECIAL EFFECTS AND OTHER TECHNOLOGY -- in the film. Good LORD people. Have we really come to this? "This is hot, stupid" warnings on coffee cups, and people who play superheroes having to caution fans who think they have real powers? Man alive -- I really hope there aren't any aliens cultures watching us right now.
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