Growing up, I was addicted to my Nintendo video game system. I remember spending hours upon hours playing games like Super Mario Bros., Metroid and The Legend of Zelda. I mean, who needed friends when you've got Link and, well, some chick dressed up as a robot? My earliest memory of Nintendo on the big screen was 1989's The Wizard. Starring Fred Savage as a runaway kid, hell-bent on winning a huge video game tournament, there was really only one reason to see the film -- it was unveiling the first images of Super Mario Bros. 3. Since this was before a little thing called the internet, us Nintendo freaks had to see The Wizard in order to sneak a peak at the game. C'mon, I know that brings back memories for you 80's kids.

Well, times have changed and Nintendo is finding new ways to market themselves through film. Their latest smooth move comes via the new flick Stormbreaker, in which a 14-year-old boy is forced into Britain's secret intelligence service (MI6) after the death of his uncle. Since the kid is a super spy, you know he's going to have some nifty gadgets, right? Turns out, it's his Nintendo DS playing the role of sidekick in the film. Who knew one could use their Nintendo DS for eavesdropping, wiretapping and, when applicable, as a smoke bomb? See, the thought process here is the bad guys will see a 14-year-old kid playing video games when, little do they know, he's actually saving the world. Oh, and don't worry Mom and Dad, Nintendo has said that they do not intend on making these features available on the actual DS ... though I imagine you geeks will find a way somehow.

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