Just a few days ago, I fought against my general feelings of Supermanfatigue and shared with you some crazy marketing plans regarding enormous projections of the Superman "S-Shield" onto buildings in cities everywhere. At the time, I thought it sounded rather neat, but was somewhat skeptical about how well they'd be able to pull it off. Well, color me convinced, because pictures have started surfacing around the internet and they just look amazing. The best I've seen yet (and easily the coolest place to project an S-Shield) are the photos of Niagra falls with a giant bat symbol-esque red Superman sign. You can see for yourself by clicking here.

Okay, if you were in charge of the "project the S-Shield onto any enormous surface you can find" project, where would be your first locations? Personally, I'd love to see a big red S tattooed onto a president's forehead at Rushmore, although I imagine getting clearance to do that would be a bugger. Maybe onto the side of the EPCOT ball, or whatever that sucker is called. Suggestions?
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